The project partnership consists of 13 partners from 7 countries:

Germany, Greece, Morocco, Tunisia, Libya, Palestine, Lebanon

European Association of Institutes for Vocational Training (EVBB)


The European Association of Institutes for Vocational Training (EVBB) is the European umbrella association of free and non-profit educational providers. Its objective lies in the qualitative improvement of vocational education and training in European countries and an increase in the efforts being carried out in education at a European level. The European Association of Institutes for Vocational Training (EVBB) is the European umbrella association of non-profit providers of Vocational Education and Training (VET). Its objective is the qualitative improvement of vocational education and training in Europe and beyond and to increase the efforts designed to promote VET as a first choice. EVBB has more than 80 members coming both from the private and the public sector and covers all fields related to initial, advanced and further education and training.

Metropolitan College


The Metropolitan College started out in 1982 and is today the largest College for University Studies in Greece. In addition, it is consistently the first choice in private higher education, both for students as well as their parents. In collaboration with prestigious Universities abroad, it offers the widest range of contemporary courses which are in high demand in the job market. The Metropolitan College stands out for its high quality of university courses offered and its renowned academic personnel. It places the provision of university studies of excellence at the centre of its philosophy and its mission is to shape the landscape of Greece’s higher education to resemble that of the best universities abroad. Furthermore, it is the only College in Greece that is a member of the International University Network Compostela Group of Universities. Being a member of this network offers international academic recognition and networking with top universities around the world.

University of West Attica


The University of West Attica (UNIWA) was founded in March 2018 by the National Law 4521. The foundation of the newly established University resulted from the merging process of the former Technological Educational Institute of Athens and the Piraeus University of Applied Sciences. UNIWA is a dynamic and constantly evolving institution that strives to fulfill its vision and mission, and to achieve its goals investing in the development of modern teaching methods, adapted to students’ needs and responsive to competitive labor market and society requirements, as well as in its modern facilities and infrastructure (i.e., teaching resources, classrooms, laboratories/workshops, scientific equipment). The University offers contemporary Undergraduate and Postgraduate study programmes, which give our graduates the opportunity to acquire specialized scientific knowledge, skills and competences, linking academia to both society and the labor market.

Misurata University


Misurata University is one of state universities in Libya, located in Libya's third largest city ‘Misurata’. The university provides nationally and internationally recognized educational services that equip the members of the academic community with competencies and values that will better serve the nation. The university has 19 different faculties around the city and it offers more than 150 undergraduate courses. It endeavors to provide higher education and training quality to its students and staff and prepare them to take part in modernizing and developing the national society and economy. Misurata University also aims to promote, by research and other means, the advancement of knowledge and to apply suggestions and recommendations to economic, social, cultural, and technological problems.

Palestine Ahliya University


Palestine Ahliya University is a private institution for higher education. It was established in 2007 to be the beacon of scientific research, pioneer innovation and discovery, and be the first private university in Southern Palestine, where the founders of the university aspired to invest in a project that supports community development, guarantees the development of professional human resource capital in Palestine, and is of maximum service to their homeland.The University offers educational services to Palestinian and Arab people who meet set admission requirements. The administration aims to achieve high quality education for students. It also works to keep pace with global standards of technological and scientific development through providing all available modern tools and curricula and by hiring experienced and highly efficient educators.

Sidi Mohamed Ben Abdellah University


The university has more than 1,500 high-level faculty and researchers and more than 1,120 administrative and technician staff, with a student body that currently exceeds 100,000 students. The USMBA is made up of thirteen faculties and schools and 50 research laboratories and 3 centers for doctoral studies working on 20 research axes. The USMBA has also a digitalization pole to digitally up-grade and up-skill all the resources, keeping up the urgent need to move online, hybrid or enhance the use of IT in teaching and learning as well as research, meeting the students’ needs and expectations (Generation Z).

Palestine Technical University “Kadoorie”


Palestine Technical University “Kadoorie” (PTUK) looks forward to becoming a leading state ‎university and a hub for scientific research. PTUK also seeks to serve the local community by ‎becoming a catalyst for the sustainable socio-economic development of Palestine. ‎ PTUK offers mainly bachelor degree as well as diploma programs in different fields of study, such as: Science & Arts, sports, Engineering, Economics and Business as well as Agriculture. There are 19 bachelor degree programs in total as well as 13 diploma programs (2-year) The university had recently introduced a Master degree program in Biotechnology in addition to its high diploma in Teacher Training.

Sfax University


The University counts 2420 permanent teachers and researchers, 1350 administrative staff and welcomes around 29581 students every year. Through its 5 doctoral schools, 66 research laboratories, 37 research units and 11 joint service units for research, the university of Sfax Contributes to high-quality scientific research in various domain ranging from social and human sciences to hard and technical sciences.



WeYouth was established in 2013 by a group of Tunisian youth aged between 16 and 24 years old. Conducted by motivation, passion and volunteer to lead the development and participation of youth in different levels. WeYouth aim is to build Tunisia led by empowered Youth. It is to be achieved by the contribution to youth development through capacity building, youth led projects, exchange programs and youth policies implementation.

Ibn Tofaïl University


Ibn Tofaïl University is one of the twelve public universities in Morocco established in 1989. faculties include a total 620 full time professors and 349 administrative staff for 71014 students that are enrolled in the undergraduate and graduate courses and offers training primarily structured round the new teaching architecture of higher education, which is itself based on three levels. The training offered is organized into 4 areas (Science and Technology; Arts, Human Sciences, Humanities and Law, Economics and Management, Sports).

Palestine Polytechnic University


Palestine Polytechnic University (PPU) is one of the main universities in Palestine that grants academic and vocational degrees in engineering and technology in addition to lifelong learning and technical and technological consultations using the latest technologies and best practices in all fields. PPU has the mission of graduating qualified labour forces able to make a positive change and fulfil the needs and requirements of the community in scientific, technological, and research fields. Providing innovative ideas and solutions.

Arab American University


Arab American University (AAUP formerly AAUJ) is the first private Palestinian university, founded in year 2000, in a collaboration with California State University (CSU) in Stanislaus and Utah State University (USU) in Logan. CSU approved AAUP’s first Curricula and gave the needed expertise to start the university, USU provided the faculty members and administrators to run the university in its first two years. AAUP serves the educational needs of over 11,300 students, among them there are 40% from Palestine and 55% from the Palestinian homeland and 5% from international countries, by providing a dynamic learning atmosphere that inspires innovation and has a primarily focus on every student’s success.

Saint-Joseph University of Beirut


Saint-Joseph University of Beirut (USJ) is a non-profit Lebanese private university founded by the Society of Jesus in 1875. Its Charter defines its 3 missions: teaching, research and service to society. USJ offers a full range of specializations and academic disciplines in the various fields. In order to consider, the Lebanese complex society, USJ has developed tools to manage intercultural and interreligious diversity and will share its experience in non-formal and informal education targeting the management of differences.

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